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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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100% especially those who i8j personally know on this board. i am a former commissioner on the commission on the status of women. but because i have integrity i will not play their game and go after them? 4p! way they are going after the sheriff. so i ask you, plyí 0 please do the right thing. please maintain your integrity and make the right decision and allow ross to keep his job. thank you very much. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good evening supervisors. of the american immigration lawyers association and i've been asked by them to come and u speak to you about ross mirkarimi and his reinstatement. the american immigration lawyers association's local chapter was recently rebuked as many of you mayyzó know, by governor brown with respect to the trust act which was overcome by the veto.
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and one of the reasons that i'm here tonight is because ross mirkarimi has oui5ój stood for immigrant rights. many people voted for ross mirkarimi because of his supportukb for immigrant rights, because when it comes to being a sheriff inoiuhñ this town it is the immigrants that matter, and our policy towards immigration and customs enforcement. and i'm here to talk to you about that4l$ujáju because i voted for ross mirkarimi. and my voteuiby matters. and each of you have a responsibility, undern?çew the charter, and i know you take it very seriouslykid. please take into considerationéó; not just what you have to do tonight, but wú]/dit means to the people of the city and county of san fraqtf=9ñ because after you vote, the vote
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you[ék< ramifications. and the person that's=?g;d been appointed to replace our suspended sheriff, who we votedç+:j÷ for is not adequate to carry the heavy 444úon of caring about immigrants as ross was elected to do. so please do us allh0c+ a service, and care about the voters&abpo here, because your vote matters just like theirs did. thank you. j %9q thank you. >>kpg>z good evening, honorable members of the board. thank you for youré4%'j indulgence. and i'm not going to preach to you but i am assuming you're all saints and you've never been guilty of any minor infraction. so i appeal to your conscience. i'm not going to talk about
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mr. mirkarimi because you already know him, and you know what he's all about. this is not about domestic violence. it's about political moves on your part. you're ganging up against him because you want to show the mayor you are on his¢)yx side. please, i appeal to your conscious, to be#z÷áñ free-thinkers, and find it in your heart, assuming that he was guilty of a minor infraction or a misdemeanor. forgive him. we÷í0e should all be forgiven. i'm sure all of you are not saints. and2mrnñ unite him with his family. let him go back to work and do his job. and c8d please stand up to the mayor and show him that you are free-thinkers, and support your constituents who voted for you. i am -- from district 7. thank you very muche&> my apologies to all the
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victims of (nor.5o7 audio). >> evening, supervisors. this is almost over i think. i want to make one obvious comment. i think all of us, or any of us would be very proud to have the kind of diverseümz and broad support that has been demonstrated for the past several months at both theho@p hearing and here tonight. i know i would be. i want to just commentbzalz on something. i think the board of supervisors has been set up. you've beenag4ñ set up by a nine month campaign by the mayor's office, administration and the chronicle and assorted other folks. 2 million or so dollars have been spent in public funds to make sure that this campaign has
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some sort of legs. it's kind of strange that the same attorney, city attorney, made sure that another attorney set up the attorney forb;q ethics commission and then also gave you the same attorney. it's like the fix is in but i don't believe it. i think you guys are too independent. but this is a political lynching in public. call it what you want. that's what it was. the decemberxx 31st incident did not call for nine months of official -- and abuse. none of you would have taken it from anybody except maybe the mayor's office. anybody, your neighbor, anybody else, do this kind of abuse to you, they would be fiction, there would be problems. it should have been obvious there was something wrong when neither÷÷e city attorney talked to eliana lopez, nor did the domestic violence group.
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hello. further evidence of this massive -- i'm just about running out of time. i'm going to give that++?÷p it's been obvious tonight that there is no line between the personal and the professional conduct, a line that was brought out by supervisor kim, and others raised that question, andá answer it and failed to define it. so it's a moving it's discretionary. and that supported the mayor's original position to say he had to l+hf@ñ by the same standards. thank you. reinstate the mayor. >> president chiu: thank youpçw#y. >> president chiu, supervisors, thank you. arnold duffy, representing thc0xt÷ hastings law school rants conductive society. you know when -- thing came up a few years ago it was remarkable
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how slowly mayor gavin newsom how long it took before he suspended him given everything that was cut andtd i would urge you really don't erode that standard. those of you who know me know that my first andy>k foremost interest at city hall is election activism and well-running elections and thatéyg#t activism has led me in and out of the political factions here. i would say removing a person from office for relatively minor if any official malfeasance and ití not about domestic violence,eu/ that's a really, really bad thing for -- the man is -- or anyone inme+km his position is -- has to get reelected, and also there's an election process called a recall. i would maintain the checks and balances of governments if i were you. the board of supervisors is supposed to be a balance to the mayor. i would act on that.
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thank you. >> hi. maria morgan and president chiu you might want to get the gaveli ready because i think you're going to need it. i am here to ask you to remove ross from office. i'm here for$j the many san franciscans who are unable to attendz0utáq very lengthy hearings. many, many people want him removed from office. i knowa,a÷) that supervisor kim was concerned about what the standard for removal should be, and one of the interestinoqí things in one of the polls is that 66% of the people in your district saida was on probation should not serve as sheriff. and even in ross mirkarimi's former supervisorial district a majority of people supported his removal from- so i'm here to ask you -- i don't think it's a difficult decision. he needs to be removed from office. it's the right thing for san francisco. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. and again, again i need to reiterate membmv3vsnz the public should not be expressing statements of opposition or applause. h.lcq speaker. >> hi. good evening. my name is paula -- i'm a lawyer. i've had the great privilege to represent eliana lopez for the last six months. in terms of background, 32 years ago i was rspñ deputy district attorney in ventura county in the first pif+l%e project domestic violence prosecution unit in the state of california. i have spent 32 years being of service to the criminals{ñ justice system and to many clients, both as a prosecutor and as a defensej in this instance though, this isn't about domestic violence per se. it's about whether or not ross mirkarimi -- i'm so stressed. this is not my forum, you know. the other digress, i can't believe i'm
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older than every one of you. it really means i've gotten old or you're all so young. in any event. and i didn't pick you. you're not a4!ñio jury. i'm coming to speak to you, to speak to this fact thatoexpñ integrity without knowledge is weak and mindless. and knowledge without integrity is dangerous. and potentiallyç&n[z dreadful. you've been given knowledge tonight. i suggest that you consider the words of commissioner hur. i think his)(=g presentation is excellent. i think it is the most neutral presentation that you're going to be given about what the charter provides=yg2t for being or not being official misconduct. ross mirkarimiomjux was convicted of a low level misdemeanor that's not a crime of moral turpitudego$k that occurred prior to taking his oath of office and that is not official misconduct under the city charter. so you have thep
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principle and knowledge,?th principle and law, with knowledge and integrity. and i suggest to you that that; vote one of integrity and with knowledge, is a vote to reinstate ross mirkarimi. and you have to live with your conscious. the best conscience, the bestpp@ pillow that you can ever have is a good conscience. i believe that the only vote that you?chqo can make -- >> president chiu: thank you very much. thank% >> good5gn% evening, mr. president, supervisors. my name is0+o i live in the third district but i do work at@=@ the african-american -- complex in the -- i know it's getting tieshed, getting long in the fifth district. i heard mayor lee say something that imjçwy thought was very interesting. i think he was?
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when he said why not vote in a way that takes all the politics out ofat this. if you were to think about this vote without anyq1x political ramifications what would it be? would you think of mirkarimi as violence? i don't think so. would you think of the act that happened as something that meets the requirement for taking him out of office? i don't think so. it has been said that some of you will be up for electiovuhswñ pretty soon, and that your vote may be related to getting back in office. if there was no political implications aroundbo[1 that how would you vote? in terms of
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would saynr that i've volunteered at a domesticrx/ t and counseling center. i've had family members4 &pk who have had serious domestic violence. challenge that case.e)3(p&c @&c"p% it does not rise, i don't believe, to taking an elected person out ofáiu2< the position they were elected for. so going back to what our mayor said why not take the politicsh out of it. i think it might be difficult to do, butp@@ i hope -- >> president chiu: thank7>c you. next speaker. >> hi.v j my name is lydia, i'm a survivor of domestic violence. it's time to rename j7'ávñ ethics commission to reflect their new
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position the mayor's goon squad. in this whole debacle the only thing that was ethical when rossí1 copped a plea to shelter his family from the spotlight. as survivor of domesticg violence i would like to ask the advocates here where were you when ix>lyeeded you, where were you when my daughter was kidnapped by her dad and i afraid to call the police, where were you when i asked the judge to protect me agasb]ñ my abuser where were you when that same judge gave the dad full custody and had me arrested. where3ssr were you during the month when i spent in jail. i expected a visit but÷÷()ç you never came,wf÷. ross received more votes in the last election than the mayor did.1tv)8p&c @&c"p% there are so many reasons for that that i can't go into them tonight. but my reasonç&/ voting for him is because he stood for
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community justice and will continue to standeiw7 for community justice. unlike most of the members of thisnxt board his vote can never be bought. and it's my firm belief that that's the very ÷#÷ reason ed lee seeks to unseat ross. his masters may notóerñ appreciate having a sheriff whose string they can't pull at will but i do and mygyúsi counts. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> david elliott resident of san francisco. i just want to say i appreciate the the difficult positione you supervisors are in. i would not want to have to make this decision about a former&x4sñ colleague. and i know no matter how you vote you're going toguqk'háake political blowback. it's not going to be easy. you're going to get pressure. i stillk pray that you'll do the right thing and restore ross tohq9dc the job he was elected to. this meeting started, this hearing started with some comments#ká#z a former mayor of our city art egg nos.
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i) çwi what he said was true about our current mayorae÷ sadly kind of overstepping his power. he overcharged ross to beginyiam with. you can see how many charges he threw at ross like anbvp amateur prosecutor, hoping one would stick.÷g4i"p% and yet all that he ended up being convicted of, or chose --igoñ found guilty of is what he already pled guilty to. the fact is that there arekyñ: powers behind the thrown. there's people like ron conway and real estate investsq2%$n investors who pull strings in this town and really who7ñn matter of evictions and manaa8q> hope you will do the right thing.
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i thank you for your time. good evening. >> president chiu: good[df)oñ evening. next speaker. >> i'm rosayx= moss, resident of san francisco for many years. i've watchedr,7 the strange dem gory going on in the chronicle and the9q whipping up of the population towards some kind of lynching of ross mirkarimi for a longuñ p time, and i have not been able to believe it. and here i am toc5oi speak to you briefly and urge you, please, all these people, including myself, i®j]w hear asking you to support the democratic process. there's much more at stake here thanu9- all the convolutions6 interpretation. there are independent voters making a decision and you know whwz law says, and you are notdqkz confused i don't believe, on what has to be done. so i wish youphxbz great deal of
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courage, and i hope you reinstate rossanf mirkarimi. >> hi.]qí72 my name is -- cayman, a resident of the2u richmond district. i wasn't going to speak until i heard someoneknfoy speak about the -- poll. i was polled by that poll. let me tell you about thattó poll. that was the most outrageous bsuhqw push-pull i have ever heard. before they asked a question about removal they frontlbeyt it with all sorts of negative one-sided information about ross mirkarimi, such as do support having a sheriff who pled guilty to domestic violence, do you support having a sheriffkx=lu that's on probation, and, you know, at the very end of it, +x ñ the very end of asking questions like that, in that vein, and nothing from the other vç side only then did they ask do you support removing sheriff ross6 mirkarimi.
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okay. this is absolutely outrageous. this poll was commissioned2p@qv friends of willie brown, a couple of wealthy made up the order of the questions and the questioning the way they wanted to do it so'( they could produce the results that they wanted. even under those conditions, something like!.2f 30, 40% of the people said no we still don't want ross removed. in fact iniyñ the richmond district where i live it was 51-40tify under those conditions. if that's the way those numbers came out you can bet the real% numbers were strongly in favor of keeping our sheriff, not taking9lúó away our votes. you know they say that this is going to be a tough vote, a courageous vote. thing to do is the politically expedient thing to doañxm-áuáq the people of this city, they're right here, they're right here. they've been here allmo-1 day. this is the base. this is the voters of the city. ignore them at yourk' ú peril.
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>> president chiu: next speakerh;#n . >> i'm ann garrison. i did a lotésúñ reporting about this. early on i spoke to jeff adachimñ;7g about the way prosecution have changed during the years that he's been the public defen p he said that before 1996, the response to this, alñd first incident with no serious injury sustained wouldío been pretrial diversion including counseling for both spouses if theyepeñ both wanted it. he sad h said he thinkscggkñ it's good the criminal justice system takes domestic violence more seriously than in the pastshidt but because there is no longer a pretrial diversion option in any case,l helpful response for couples like rossu4t@c and eliana that want to stay together. the only positive social outcomes)gk that i can imagine is
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a change in the law to make that kind of response possible. ÷kw the other positive outcome would be this board's decision to restore sheriff mirkarimitg' to office. all the people in this room and many more, would feel empowered togáqtñ fight for their right to vote. i listened to a lot of theqs ethics commission hearings on sf gov tv and one moment stands out, thereo#iç was an absolutely inane exchange going on, as to whether or not the label %m1 domestic violence applied to this new year's eve incident until shepherd$ finally said i don't care what you call it, the question is does it justifypqx office. i don't think so5e2a. >> robertc san francisco. i've been watching this#z÷ at home. i don't know who's drummed the table all night but it's hard to follow%zc this.
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i wish they'd stop. anyway, i came here, and it's hard to come heren;ñwó because i don't really believe in politics as it exists much anymore. i'm veryd nw disappointed. seems like war is on the agenda whatever party you're in. the war against the poorm$ ÷ is on the agenda, whatever party you're in. the neighborhood ircgnp came through to get here is ripe with crime. i wish the policeñom3 would get out of their cars and walk the beat instead of riding around inhb%z circles and letting poom i know die on the sidewalks. i know them. i.+ see them die. i don't know all the answers to all this but i did come here becauseepé i love san francisco. and i want to be a part of these]ql eloquent people who came -- i can't say anything better than any ofsk&ç them. they've all said their own minds, and i hope you all li i even admire the domestic violence survivors who are brave enough and courageousz
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here to stand up against all this. but that's part of san francisco, and ti7/ñ people run this city. it's a special place. i love ñ, it and i had -- my piece and reinstate ross mirkarimi.%+:n the people elected him. it would be wrong not to. if he's not elected,> my question tonight is here, knowing him over eight, nine years, longer
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gets 2h silly silly you all. ♪ down0ú& here in city hall it gets so damn silly, you all. ♪ you all call it city hall,wízl but i call it silly hall. i'm going to>+mkz tell you all -- ♪ because i've been up -- and what iyf3 saw, might be against the law. ♪ and what i and now theyúy$nd trying to throw my boss, the sheriff, under the curb. and you know what,çi#/& ed lee, i disagree. ♪ because all you're doing is br5gjt hardship on this man's family. ♪ and itt ain't no mystery. ♪ just check your history.a]nám ♪ i'm just working on a case involve a lot ofo3l conspiracy. ♪ but what's going down, blacks
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aredvn brown. ♪ because this is jerry's second time around. you may notq2 talking about but ross knows what i'm talking about. we go way(gjoy back. he's here for people of the community and african-american of the community and all the people that'saté it is ludicrous, despicable thatit u the city and county -- because we didn't know -- >> president chiu: thankuóac youávh. next speaker. >> hiñ i hope i can be articulate because iú coherent thing here.
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but i did about something that i find veryvúúz' disturbing in all of this, which is the fact6"y6 rightsg about this, was taken away from her. and not too many people have talked about that. i think that we-3+ all have this space to deal wit8 m intense things. we all have this space that we can use to respond# to something that happens to us. and that is thing that we all have, all of us, in this something personal that's happening in our lives. that was takenm8isu(v from her. she went through her process of tryinb"b do i do with this. she thought about some things.8+sñ
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and in the end she decided not to call the police. evenf really intend to call the police on eliana lopez. %iox+he was just kind of saying okay, what would happen if. then we all know what happened afterye that. and to me, that's a very important part of this1c ñ case. because after that, you know there was this iron first thatwp]o fist that came down and the whole thing was very cruel. we all just watcheda=z and it was not cool at all. you know, life can be messy that's another thing i want to say. life is not perfect. people are not perfect. and9/ç6)by they never will be. whenç92 talk about domestic violence is a crime label and say you're supposed to be a sheriffho >> president chiu: thank you very much. r
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thank you veryím m much. next speaker 6n. >> hello. my name is chad non-nor and here to recommend ross mirkarimi be reinstated to office as soon asg;hó possible. people of san francisco chose ross to be our sheriff and itmn would be a great injustice to the democratic process to have anythingxj:+uñ i heard people today call ross' actions criminal and serious. he has donee react to a situation concerning two people that he lovesks](z dearly. was it the most appropriate action? i think most people would argue that it was2 but the test i'd like to put forward is the test of acceptable humanjrp nature. would i call that action a crime? absolutelyify would i call the action human? yes i would.
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to grab an arm whenoktb] something thinks they're going to lose someone they love is a human reactiy traffic your reaction is to grab them and pull themíj back. i don't think that is a serious crime to me:rl'. as far as what we're doing here tonight is deciding if official misconducty][f has occurred, to me it sounds like the charter does.a=- not specifically have the words that includethsrf sheriff-elect or any person that has been elected, is not in officeghkkñ yet. so to stretch the definition out to fit politicalk,%úa agendas i do not think is going to serve the city. thank you veryqm!r much. >> president chiu: nextn. speaker. >> good evening his]z5@@&c"p% supervisors. my name is tammy bryant and